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We specialize in making each order of mini's fresh to order. We have mini donuts with a choice of  plain, cinnamon sugar or powder sugar dusted as well as Daddy's combos that have fresh sauces and toppings over fresh warm mini donuts. We serve each order in a fun Daddy's Donut cup.


Established in 2015.

Daddy's Donuts is family owned. Kenmore is our only location currently. Some of the Daddy's combo names such as ( Straw-Bella, Tayo-Tornato, Coco-Loco) are after our children and we choose to name it "Daddy's Donuts" for that reason. We picked the robot theme because of of my friends loves robots and showed me an artist who paints pictures of only vintage robots and donuts! ( such a fun idea!) We have his paintings through out our shop and have a display of vintage robots too! We also have a combo named after my friend called "Robot-Roberta" and it comes with a robot ring.



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7018 NE Bothell Way
Kenmore, WA 98028



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Daddy's Donut's would love to cater your next event. We have a food trucks as well, so we can come to you! We do weddings, corporate events, birthday parties, school events and much more!  Contact us to schedule a date and time. 


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Thank you for all of your support!


Voted BEST donuts in the state of WA by Buzzfeed 2016

"The donuts came out piping hot and fresh, smelling delicious. The donuts are miniature, lasting just three bites each, with a very unique taste; sweet but not too sweet, with a medium consistency, and a fluffy texture. They melt in your mouth and you have to resist the urge to devour them so that you can enjoy them for longer." — Yelper Forrest T.


Seattle's A-list BEST donuts 2016

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7018 NE Bothell Way
Kenmore Wa 98028


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